Tempting is the shade.

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Tempting is the shade, but under the sun is where I want to be. I am restless as shadows take ownership of my mind, comforting every doubt with gratitude for these simple times. My feet start growing roots such as anything desperate for a home. Clawing my way around, cutting off veins that yearn for the love the soil beneath can give, because, no. All this dark earth can offer are false assurances and lies, unwilling to let me grow strong enough to no longer need it. You are not fooling me anymore. This cannot be where my journey ends. I will thrive in the sun one day. I will someday.

I wear all white.

I wear all white
to make up for all the darkness I have inside –
the blacks and grays
that eat away my soul,
corrupt my good intentions.

I wear all white
to hide the truth,
throw my lover off
the scent of my unfulfilled heart.

I wear all white
to fool myself most of all,
believe that things
will get better from here.


Deep breaths that used to allude me
have now crushed my lungs.
How beautifully painful,
it is to feel such love,
such happiness,
such yearning for life.
Storms have come and gone,
waves have crashed and retreated,
yet here I am.
I am on crutches,
but I am fine.
I am alive.


She is stardust –
born from the fallen galaxies of
used-to-bes and regrets.
She is nothing;
she is everything.
She is a mistress of the universe –
she belongs to nobody;
she belongs to everybody.