Love & Magic.

I think every relationship starts with magic set off by a spark in a lover’s eye. And then as you go along your days together, this person is demystified. The romantic in us, lazy and unrealistic, would say,

“He’s/she’s not perfect after all.”

Then, all at once, the magic is gone. This god/goddess we praised so highly, worshiped religiously, is but flesh and blood apparently. And then, you make a choice — be with this person and still choose to see them through rose-tinted glasses despite their humanness, or move on to someone new who may or may not hold that new-found magic for long.

It’s a gamble, and it’s exhausting.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about faith and the person we love becomes our god. The concept of a supreme being has never been substantiated, but most still choose to believe. I think the real magic is choosing to see the divine in everyone even when you think it’s no longer there.