Ain’t it grand?

Of all the things to do, from catching up on my work load to cleaning my bedroom-slash-office, I write a blog post. Better that than worry about my sell-out job and putting food on the table, I always say.

Since I’m an indoor soul, I ponder what the outside world looks like nowadays. Is the sun still shining? I can’t tell from these thick curtains. Are the flowers still in full bloom? Well, more about that later. Who cares about such petty things when I have Internet connection. Right?

I’m kidding. I do care if the roses are still being roses, wonder if the air still tastes like the sea. But I’m stuck here in this not-so-little bedroom-slash-office, trying to maintain a blog, staring at this screen, typing away, and stealing glances at a sweet little bunch of red and yellow plant genitals that my lover got as trophies from winning a war against a bush in the garden. He is so sweet.

Promoting forgiveness with gummy bears.

The boyfriend has finally had it with me. He feels objectified by being at the receiving end of constant cat calls and winky faces. He is offended by how I, a full-grown woman, am able to act so crudely by sexualizing him to great lengths. I can’t help it if I’m dating such a ripe stud, can I? I’ve resorted to apologize through sugar-free gummy bears… and they are piling up.