The new “normal”.

You walk around downtown and spot people’s quirks from a mile away. But can you really call them oddities, peculiarities just because they don’t speak for your brand of norm? When has the human condition been confined to templates? And more importantly, who comes up with them?

Normal, there is no such thing – a mere fallacy created by society to promote uniformity and absolute truths, if there are such things; to abolish anarchy, keeping all of humanity’s ducks in a row; to create a sense of belonging as it is, after all, a human need.


I tell you it is just that.

Long preface short, your kind of normal is utterly okay. No need to see that shrink, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Give the person who called you weird the mighty finger, and then some. As long as you mean no harm to yourself or to others, you’re stellar.


Marvelous day to you!

Confessions of a non-outdoorsy soul.

He swims out into the open sea, carefree and child-like. Here I am – a book on my lap, living vicariously through him.